Tell Congress: Save the music & venues like the Roxian Theatre

The revitalized Roxian Theatre launched with a series of free concerts last May. A year later, the live music venue and thousands others nationwide now sit idle because of restrictions imposed in the wake of COVID-19. Help the #SaveOurStages initiative bring venue saving funds to this industry – projected to be one of the last to be allowed to reopen – by sending a letter to Congress:


Across the country, music venues remain closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Scheduled to be one of the very last industries to reopen nationally, independent music venues are facing a bleak future. Experts and industry leaders are now projecting venues like the Roxian Theatre here in McKees Rocks won’t be able to reopen before 2021.

Will you help the Roxian Theatre and thousands of other independent venues nationwide through the very real struggle that is COVID-19? 

Please help the National Independent Venue Association with its final push to alert Congress that the #SaveOurStagesAct and the #RestartAct must be passed in order to keep independent venues nationwide from closing permanently. Weigh in by sending a letter at:

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