“Rediscovering… Community, Connections, Competitiveness”

This Comprehensive Plan is the beginning of a transformation. Implementing ideas will take many years – even decades. Building community, making connections and forging competitiveness will only come with the passion, grit and commitment of its residents, business leaders and elected officials.

Most importantly, the ability of the Commonwealth to provide state-sponsored funding support for Plan implementation is expected to be limited at best. Therefore, implementation strategies have been developed with several objectives in mind: a) first, to involve volunteers and “champions” to tap into the region’s strong base of community institutions, organizations and dedicated citizens; b) second to minimize municipal resource demands and increase private-sector participation; c) and third to build success and confidence through simple tasks and progress to more complex challenges.

Community prosperity has been found to be cyclical – there are always periods of ups and downs. Communities that proactively navigate these ups and downs are the ones that most successfully achieve vitality and appeal.

After half a century of change, it’s time for new prosperity.

– Char-West Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan