The New Founding of McKees Rocks

The Development Concept transforms McKees Rocks’ flatland from the underutilized remnants of industrial use to a new integrated mixed-use district.

The Revitalization Plan for McKees Rocks is designed to guide the Borough in obtaining and utilizing resources to develop the physical environment as a part of bringing about new and sustainable prosperity. The revitalization is envisioned as a new “pioneering,” a goal as ambitious as the original founding of the town.

The strategy outlines a twenty-year vision, a phased development plan, and a set of short-term catalytic initiatives. The goal of McKees Rocks’ revitalization is not the construction of new buildings or even the growth of business. Rather, it is the attraction of new people to the town, which in turn, will lead to development, employment, and a better quality of life.

Industrious people built the town in the 19th Century, and a new generation of pioneers is needed to rebuild it in the 21st Century. The challenge is to create the conditions that appeal to those who would invest themselves in businesses, homes, and the McKees Rocks community. If energetic and creative people find a unique and supportive environment in McKees Rocks, they will attract others.