McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation envisions a Sto-Rox where places serve people and support community growth, and where systemic oppression is replaced with empowerment.

We foresee an equitable, liveable, safe, creative, and thriving community; one that inspires its residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors.


The mission of MRCDC is revitalization; we work with the Sto-Rox community to foster inclusive and equitable economic growth, generational wealth building, affordable housing, commercial development, and creativity.


  • Integrity – Honesty and transparency are critical to achieving transformational results.
  • Commitment – Continued diligence is necessary to facilitate community development and achieve our long-term vision.
  • Collaboration – Partnerships for development and investment are vital to our organization’s sustainability and the community’s success.
  • Heritage – Treasuring our rich history will enrich our future accomplishment.



1.1 The Roxian Theatre will be redeveloped and open for community use.

1.2 Main Street Development will occur on Chartiers Avenue.

1.3 Private development will take hold in properties we own.

1.4 Riverfront development will continue and serve as an anchor for resident and business attraction.

Foster Neighborhood Stabilization

Foster Neighborhood Stabilization

2.1 Residential areas will be well-maintained and quality will increase.

2.2 Block Watch will grow and be a vital part of safety and security.

2.3 We will advocate for infrastructure improvements.

2.4 We will partner with other training and service providers to help facilitate resident success.

Grow Community Pride

Grow Community Pride

3.1 Young people will be engaged in community development.

3.2 Positive community publicity will help change our image among internal and external constituents.

3.3 ‘Run Your Rox Off’ and ‘Feastival’ events will annually showcase development efforts and successes.

3.4 Events coordinated by other community groups will enhance development efforts.

Ensure Organization Sustainability

Ensure Organization Sustainability

4.1 MRCDC will have a comprehensive funding strategy to sustain operations and project work.

4.2 Best-practice financial management will enhance our stewardship of mission.

4.3 Best-practice governance systems will ensure integrity.

4.4 Organizational capacity will be optimized to enable efficient and effective mission achievement.