Work at 602 Chartiers project shifts from stabilization to demolition


It is with deep disappointment that we provide the following update on our stabilization work at the former Bank of McKees Rocks building at 602 Chartiers Ave. 

In March of this year, a rear portion of the building along Plum Alley collapsed during initial stabilization work. Contractors then removed about 20 feet from the rear of the structure before continuing to clean out hundreds of remaining CRT-TVs, scrap and other wastes, some contaminated with asbestos.

“We are left without a choice and have to move forward with demolition.”

– Jeb Feldman, MRCDC director of economic development

MRCDC has met with structural engineers and has been in contact with borough, county and state officials for weeks now as to next steps for the project.

We are unable to see a path forward toward stabilization and a decision has been made to begin demolition of the building. 

“We’ve spent the greater part of 10 years trying to rescue this building from the state of deterioration left by its owner,” said Jeb Feldman, economic development director. “It is a travesty that this building was left in this condition.”

While we are ultimately unable to save the building, we are hopeful the structure’s beautiful columns and facade can be preserved for future use. 

“We are left without a choice and have to move forward with demolition,” said Feldman.

Work has started in the rear of the building and a demo team will be working over the next few months to carefully take down the structure.