See our list of 13 unsung sheroes who have been named ‘Rocks Sheroes 2024 – Community Builders’

– Women’s History Month –

Building community one step at a time

By Sonja Reis

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’m calling attention to a baker’s dozen of Sto-Rox area sheroes with the inaugural “Rocks Sheroes Community Builders Award.” I know I can’t be the only one who sees these strong women and so many others volunteering their heart, soul, time and talents to build community.

Without further delay, here’s the list for 2024. We’re hoping you’ll help us to compile the list for 2025.


  1. Marlene Banks
  2. Dorothy Bennett
  3. Lynne Deliman
  4. MarySue Flick
  5. Ishara Henry
  6. Sarah Harvey
  7. Frances Hogan
  8. Cindy Lutz
  9. Sara Eve Rivera
  10. Adrienne Roberts
  11. Sandy Saban
  12. Kim Spriggs
  13. Denise Zellous

NOMINATE YOUR SHERO – Please email us and nominate some local strong women you think are worthy of being a shero. We’d like to know more about who they are and what they are quietly doing in the background to help move McKees Rocks forward. Let us know by emailing Sonja Reis at

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