Choice Neighborhoods: What’s Next? – CBA and final submission to HUD

MRCDC VP Jonathan Royster, Board Member Jason Corado and Secretary Talia DePasqualle during the the Jan. 11 meeting with Allegheny County Housing Authority.

CHOICE/HAYS MANOR – Members of the MRCDC board and staff meet with Allegheny County Housing Authority Director Frank Agazio January 11 to push the finalization of a Community Benefits Agreement between the HUD entity and members of the McKees Rocks Neighborhood Team, the borough’s residents.

The Draft CBA is available for review in the MRCDC blog:…/

Comments on the document are also welcome.

Additionally, the Choice Neighborhoods implementation plan has been submitted for review and a final application is scheduled to happen in February.

If you’d like to learn more, join us for:

Choice Neighborhoods? What’s Next, McKees Rocks?

FINAL PLAN REVIEW: In-person: 701 Yunker St., McKees Rocks – or – Online Zoom: