StartEngine investment will launch 2nd bakery shift for 5 Generation Bakers


McKees Rocks mainstay 5 Generation Bakers and its Jenny Lee Swirl Bread products have been growing like wildfire and are in need of implementing a second shift!  

In the years 2020 – 2022 the bakery saw about 70% in growth. Year to date, 2023, sales are up 30%. 

“My first shift is tapped out and we can’t grow anymore unless we get a second shift going, said Owner Scott Baker.

Scott Baker with the QVC Customer Choice Food Award for best bread.

“This means more jobs for McKees Rocks and a huge recruiting, staffing and training expense for us.”

To help build this growth, a second shift staff, equipment improvements and better process efficiencies, the group started a StartEngine funding campaign in May. Investment starts at less than $250.

5GB’s plan is to continue growing the business via QVC, retail partnerships, restaurants and other food service opportunities.

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