See the Community Standards for Downtown Development of MRCDC-owned properties

In the first half of 2020, the MRCDC embarked on a large-scale community engagement initiative, with the intention of gaining insight into what the community’s priority goals are for the group’s downtown property holdings.

This process included the use of online and in-person surveying, reaching out to nearby property and business owners, educational property development workshops, and ongoing conversations with residents, where they could propose ideas, voice concerns, learn the basics of property development and discover additional ways to get involved. 

Hundreds of community members and stakeholders were involved in this process, and as a result, five clear themes (community goals) for what makes a strong downtown were revealed: History and Context; Things to Do and Places to Go; Atmosphere; Healthy Economy; and Community Support. 

The MRCDC will use this document to judge proposals submitted by potential developers for the development of its downtown properties. This document is meant to clearly describe the community goals and best practices as they relate to downtown development in McKees Rocks, discovered through months of research and community outreach.

As such, this document will inform all decisions relating to the eventual development of these properties and  – though not a requirement –  it is recommended that the standards recorded within this document also be used to influence development decisions made by the MRCDC outside of the requisite properties, as well as outside of the Lower Chartiers business district, where applicable. This document should assist in focusing the efforts of the MRCDC on property development strategies that align with the community’s goals and priorities, at large.