Property survey work continues in your neighborhood

MRCDC Broad Member and McKees Rocks resident Ron Reidell shows how to use the property survey app volunteers are using around the borough.


For the past several months, the McKees Rocks Community Development Corp. (MRCDC) has been coordinating a vacant property survey throughout the Borough. The purpose is to determine how many properties are currently vacant and blighted.

To complete the survey, neighborhood volunteers are looking at every property (structure and lot) from the sidewalk to assess its condition and occupancy. The surveying continues and during this time you may see volunteers with safety vests and lanyards in your neighborhood collecting this information.

Mapping software is being used to visually show the location of vacant and blighted properties which will be useful in understanding the current extent of this problem. This data will help raise financial resources to address blight.

The survey is a resident-led initiative that came out of the Vacant Property Task Force facilitated by McKees Rocks CDC. The Task Force meets monthly and anyone is welcome to participate.

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