Development 101: Learn about real estate and property development through online series

Have you ever wondered how commercial property changes hands, or what the process of developing vacant land looks like? What about the role of the community in building decisions?

Well if you have, you’re in luck! In partnership with Omicelo Cares, the MRCDC will be hosting a series of interactive and educational online workshops on the process of real estate development in McKees Rocks, and you’re invited.

Omicelo Cares is a local nonprofit organization that believes neighborhoods can create promise for all community members. The group’s mission is to grow community members’ incomes in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods through specialized real estate education and deep supports for small businesses.

Well known for its Real Estate CoPowerment Series, Omicelo Cares’ programming offers a step-by-step education platform designed to demystify the development process through the lens of developers, community members and local officials. 

Participants who complete the MRCDC Development 101 Workshop Series will receive a $25 discount to Omicelo’s CoPowerment Series, a certificate of completion and a $25 gift card to a local McKees Rocks or Stowe Township restaurant. 

In our free, virtual workshop series, you’ll learn why developers want to invest here, the roles of zoning and planning, how you can get involved in the decisions that are made, and more. The course consists of three workshops, each led by a different regionally-known instructor from the city planning and real estate world, and focusing on a different topic. 

The workshops will be held on Tuesday evenings (6 to 8 p.m.), starting on August 18th, continuing through August 25th, and concluding on September 1st with a virtual walking tour of McKees Rocks. 

To register for this event, send an email to the following address with your full name, stating that you would like to register for the Development 101 Workshop Course. You will then receive the Zoom meeting information for the course. 

For more information, or to register for this course, contact: Gaby Elliott –