Application made for streetscape advances through PennDOT

An application for the current round of PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Funding awards has been submitted on behalf of McKees Rocks by the MRCDC.

If awarded, the funding would join $1.1 million in previously granted funds and go toward the first phase of the streetscape plan.

Phase one is expected to cost approximately $2.9 million to complete, which builds a redesigned roadway, safe sidewalks/crosswalks, public right-of-way, and other improvements, at the community’s gateway. This is the entrance to the downtown McKees Rocks business district.

This is the first of four phases. Phase one is critical because it informs the behaviors of motorists as they drive into downtown, says Jeb Feldman, director of economic development. It also is the most visible part of our downtown. This project sets the table for a downtown that will be home to increased pedestrian and business activity, he says.

If you’d like to help make this happen a simple email or letter to our State legislators can go a long way. They love to hear from constituents about projects and where grants should be awarded. McKees Rocks is in the districts of Sen. Wayne Fontana and Rep. Daniel Deasy.