Trade Your Gun for Opportunity

The second collection event for the “Guns for Opportunity” program, being sponsored by Boilermakers Local 154, will be held on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Focus on Renewal Community Center, 701 Chartiers Avenue, McKees Rocks.

The Boilermakers’ “Guns for Opportunity” program allows individuals to surrender guns in return for the opportunity to receive training in the union’s MOST Common Arc welding program. In addition to waiving any up-front costs related to the training program, the union is offering additional accommodations to make the opportunities available to individuals even more accessible. The current requirement that applicants have a high school diploma or general equivalency degree (GED) will be waived for participants in the Guns for Opportunity program. Additionally, participants will have six months to complete the training program and will also be given time to get treatment for drug or alcohol addictions through the union’s MOST Substance Abuse Program.

Anyone who surrenders a gun at one of the collection events will be given a token that they can then bring to the Boilermakers offices to receive the application and begin the process to enter the training program. For this event, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office will accept any surrendered guns, without question, and will also be responsible for the appropriate disposal of those weapons.

Guns may not be surrendered at any other locations, except the scheduled collection events.


For more information contact Focus on Renewal at 412.331.1685

Article by the Office of the County Executive