“Making It In McKees Rocks” film series to rebrand, attract new businesses

By Sonja Reis | MRCDC

The McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation is launching a series of short films highlighting the people, places and businesses that make up the McKees Rocks region in a push to rebrand the community while attracting new businesses.

You’ll learn what goes on inside some of the industrial facilities flanking the Ohio River towns of McKees Rocks and Stowe Township and explore some of the smaller specialty locations within the business districts. You’ll meet some colorful residents along the way, too!

“When you see what the businesses make in the community on a daily basis it’s amazing. The videos highlight the great untold story of McKees Rocks. Not just its manufacturing legacy but the current state of the manufacturing district,” said Taris Vrcek, executive director.

Initial profiles included in the April 11 preview event are: 

  • Lane Steel
  • Ace Wire & Spring
  • Abjuration Brewing
  • Gazette 2.0
  • Hollowood Music & Sound
  • Homeowner and resident Kate O’Brien

Following the premiere, the videos produced by Rockerfeller USA will be released online once per month. Video production highlighting other groups will continue.

Screenings are scheduled for 6 and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11 in the movie theater of the Parkway Theater and Film Lounge, 644 Broadway Ave., Stowe.

Premiere tickets are free and available in limited quantities at: http://bit.ly/2FyBGSV