Youth Programs are Stronger When Together

As residents of Sto-Rox know, our community offers a host of great programs and services to our children. From the long-existing neighborhood institutions like the Little Vikings and the Boys and Girls Club, to newer facilities like the Father Ryan Arts Center, McKees Rocks has a diverse collection of youth-serving organizations.

At the same time, Sto-Rox residents are equally aware of the many challenges that our community faces. Living and working in an under-resourced environment places many restrictions on our ability to effectively serve our youth.

In order to address some of the issues that nearly all youth-service providers face – like deficiencies in parent engagement, transportation access, and knowledge about community resources – over 45 youth program leaders have decided to band together, and tackle these issues together. Brought together by the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation, this collection of youth organizations – called the Youth Partnership – benefits from the wide variety of strengths, networks, and resources present among the Youth Partnership’s members.

Including teachers, coaches, nonprofit leaders, principals, school board members and many more, the Youth Partnership’s mission is to rally its membership – and with it, the community at large – to identify and change some of the most pervasive problems that face our kids.

Just this past month, the Youth Partnership unveiled a new structure that will better utilize the powerful diversity present in its member organizations. Steered by a committee of 8 individuals, this core group will create the strategy behind a partnership-wide effort to address a single issue present in the community. On October 27th, the Youth Partnership nominated and elected its first inaugural Steering Committee to guide its strategy and intervention steps.

With its new structure and bolstered by each member organization’s enthusiasm and optimism, the Youth Partnership is moving full-steam ahead, recognizing the unparalleled power of partnership! Click here to check out its new, and ever-evolving website!