Green thumbs wanted for proposed community garden, urban farm project

Sonja Reis | MRCDC

McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation is gauging interest from residents as to the creation of a community gardening or urban farming project similar to those featured by Grow Pittsburgh and found in areas throughout the county and beyond.

We’re looking for green thumbs who are already working on gardening projects of their own to those interested in learning more about horticulture.

A community garden of this type could be used for a variety of purposes including a community-building project, beautification, grow food for a food pantry, or demonstrate the productive use of vacant land.

Anyone interested in being involved in this exciting proposal, or who would like their garden to be featured in a future publication, is asked to reach out to Sonja Reis via email.

We already have many residents in the Sto-Rox area who are dedicated to growing their own vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants and fruits. Having a community garden in the area would allow these people to share their expertise allowing others to learn useful skills that provide for healthier eating habits.

There are many other vegetable and flower gardening sites around town including container gardens located on porches and in yards and flower beds all over.

The flower garden/parklet located at the intersection of Chartiers and Windgap avenues is created through the partnerships of many community groups including the McKees Rocks Historical Society, McKees Rocks Fire Department, McKees Rocks Road Department, the Kennedy Garden Club and others.