Ready to Work Sto-Rox offers assistance with job-ready skills and planning the steps that you need to become employed. Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for many years or this will be your first job, Ready to Work Sto-Rox can help!

If you are 18- 65, our staff will help with:

  • Resume Writing

  • On-line applications

  • G.E.D.

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Dependency Issues

  • Criminal Histories

  • Training

  • Obtaining PA documents

  • Personal Concerns…and more!

Schedule your appointment today and become one of the many people placed in a paid position after working with our workforce readiness specialist.
For more information or to make an appointment, contact Michelle Flannery at 412.331.1685 ext. 261.

The McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation (MRCDC) has evolved over its existence to meet the needs of the community it serves, as well as leverage opportunities to improve the quality of life.

MRCDC believes that economic health is a central part of our residents overall well-being. In our community, we see a high concentration of poverty coupled with a sense of economic hopelessness amongst many of our residents. With an average household income of $24,767, it is clear many of our residents struggle to maintain basic necessities for themselves, and their families. The effects of these economic limitations prevent many of our residents from realizing their potential.

Ready to Work Sto-Rox is an initiative of the McKees Rocks Community Devleopment Corporation and Focus On Renewal (FOR) to support local residents in seeking economic independence.

FOR brings the strength of its dedicated staff and broad network of contacts and services. Because it serves a broad spectrum economically disadvantaged clients daily, FOR’s staff intimately knows the many challenges this low-income population faces. Many poverty-stricken Sto-Rox residents approach FOR in desperate need of basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing and medical care. Some have mental health and substance abuse issues. Others face crisis situations that range from family conflict, eviction and fires or  floods. Still more may need assistance managing a criminal record, obtaining their GED, restoring their driver’s license, developing computer skills need to get hired or finding a job. FOR’s full-service support network addresses most of these issues.

There are ample barriers to employment in this population, and we’ve developed a program that reaches out to the entire employable community ready to address these barriers and help our residents to overcome them before genuine career development efforts can begin.

Workready Sto-Rox represents a new model for workforce development in Sto-Rox. To better manage workforce development in the Sto-Rox community, Focus On Renewal added another vital social program and hired a Masters-degree level professional to concentrate on workforce development. Integrated with FOR’s spectrum of community touch points to screen candidates and a new outreach effort, workforce-eligible candidates are being recruited. Other sources for referrals of workforce-eligible clients include the Sto-Rox Family Health Center, public housing staff, school district employees and police officers.

FOR’s workforce staff provide case management of those enrolled in the workforce development program. We screen candidates for an understanding of employment-related strengths and weaknesses, assesses their job-readiness issues and barriers (financial, child care or transportation-related for example). An individualized plan with specific goal is developed for each employable client. Referrals are be made to community resources and organizations such as CareerLink so clients can obtain the skills they need to get jobs.